Swimsuit Coverup, Beach Wrap, Shawls

Swimsuit coverup

Shawl / Beach Wrap

Recently Education And More received another shipment of beautiful swimsuit coverups / shawls.

Get ready for your next trip to the beach because you are going to love these!

Beach Sarong Wraps

Beach Sarong Wraps

Beautiful natural cotton feels good and these are handwoven of 1st quality cotton yarns. They have been handwoven by artisans in the rural areas of Guatemala on a foot pedal loom.  Did you know we pay the artisans a wage that is above a Fair Trade wage?

Weaver that helps with our orders

Some of the weavers in this artisan group are elderly and it is difficult for them to do weaving on a large floor loom so they share in the work  by tying the fringe knots on all the weavings.

Santos receives good wages!

Santos is a young lady with 2 children and her wages helps her family a lot.  She is part of the artisan group that weaves these beautiful shawls / beach wraps and each time you purchase one it will help mothers like Santos.

These sarongs can be used in a variety of ways:

  • swimsuit coverup
  • shawl
  • gorgeous beach dress
  • a cloth to lay on the beach like a towel

Look at all the shawls and wraps in our online store and remember every purchase helps artisans in supporting their family and educating their children.


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