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Love That Homemade Yogurt!

February 28, 2012

One of the foods that I love eating each day in Guatemala is the homemade yogurt that so many restaurants make themselves.  It is a plain, rather tart yogurt and reminds me of the yogurt I ate in restaurants in Europe, especially Switzerland.

I make yogurt at home myself but am having a hard time getting it to taste just like what is sold in restaurants in Panajachel. Maybe the taste difference is in the type of milk that I use in comparison to that used in Guatemala, but I am not for sure.

This link shows the method of making yogurt  that I use

Guatemala has lots of  fresh fruit — melons, papaya, mango, pineapple, bananas and so many others — that are so delicious because they are picked when ripe not shipped for thousands of miles after picking them green.  The yogurt tastes so good when topping a bowlful of fresh sliced fruit with a little honey drizzled on top.

In my next trip I am going to talk with the restaurants about how they make their yogurt to see if I can replicate the taste and texture here at home.

Here is another great blog with yogurt directions.

Love that homemade yogurt!