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Let the little children come!

February 2, 2015

We love it when we have lots of little ones for Vacation Bible School!  The little children are so precious and we have so much fun with them in VBS!

You really should go on one of our Mission Trips to Guatemala as we show God’s love and teach them about His son, Jesus Christ.  The little children love it when we come to their village for VBS and are always so excited and eager to learn. Of course the love the games, the snacks and craft time too!!

VBS Guatemala mission trip

Vacation Bible School Mission Trip to Guatemala

Our next mission trip is coming up fast!  Grab a friend and join us before the team fills up!

So what are you going to do in Guatemala on the trip?

  • Present VBS for 4 afternoons  to the children of one of our artisan groups and their friends in the community.
  • Visit our other artisan groups and see how they earn a fair trade wage from Education And More
  • Sightseeing time — in Antigua and in the villages in the Lake Atitlan area
  • Learn how to make tortillas by hand
  • Shopping time in local Mayan markets
  • Hear the Mayan languages of T’zutujil, K’iche’ and Kakchiquel and maybe learn a little

Education And More 2015 Mission Trip Guatemala

Sharing God's Love in Guatemala

This year’s mission trip for VBS is June 6-14, 2015.  Don’t wait until it too late and the team is filled — sign up today and  help us share God’s love to His precious little children in Guatemala.  More information on our website. 

VBS Games with the children in Guatemala, Education And More


Vacation Bible School mission team

Dynamic Little Lady!

June 27, 2014

I would like to introduce you to one of our artisans who is really a little dynamo!  She is a very tiny little lady but is filled with energy and determination.  Vicenta and her husband live in the rural highlands with their 7 children and nearby are many extended family members.

She is a master weaver on the backstrap loom and floor looms — called a foot pedal loom by the artisans — and she has taught her daughters to weave on both looms too.


Vicenta’s family and her whole community are Kakchiquel Mayans and very typical of the wonderfully warm and friendly people we meet in the western highlands of Guatemala.  Many of these rural families don’t understand the importance of education, however, Vicenta and her husband are different in that they are adamant about their children attending school. Thanks to a sponsor in our Education Program their oldest daughter, Laura,  is able to go on to career school to become a bilingual secretary.  It is very difficult for families to afford schooling after grade school and junior high school so we are very appreciative of all our sponsors and the help it brings to the families!


On our recent trip to Guatemala Victor and Vicenta’s home was one of the homes that our mission team repaired with the help of our local friends, Joe and Carlos.  Her kitchen was an adobe structure with a low ceiling, earthquake damage and a stove that did not vent so all the smoke stayed in the kitchen.  Victor and Vicenta decided to remove the old structure and had sufficient money to build new walls and the mission team did the floor, roof, new stove and new electrical wiring.





The family is so happy with their new kitchen. We are really happy to see the progress this family has made through the years because of their hard work and  determination along with the Fair Trade wages they receive from Education And More  for all the products they make.

Vicenta cooking in her new kitchen!

Vicenta cooking in her new kitchen!

If you are interested in traveling to Guatemala on a mission trip to help repair homes or teach VBS be sure to check our website for new 2015 tours that will be listed soon.  We will be working in this village next year and helping several more of the artisan families by repairing their homes.

Some of the handcrafts that Vicenta and her group have made are shown here. See all of our Fair Trade handcrafts in our webstore and in our Etsy store. 

Kitchen Towels

Kitchen Towels


Scarf / Shoulder Wrap

Scarf / Shoulder Wrap


Tablecloth and napkins

Tablecloth and napkins


Beautiful scarves and shawls

Beautiful scarves and shawls



Step out of your daily life with a Mission Trip to Guatemala!

October 19, 2013

Are you ready to step out of your everyday routine and share God’s love in another culture?

Join Education And More on a trip to share the Gospel during Vacation Bible School with Mayan children in the western highlands of Guatemala.

  • share God’s love with the children and women that Education And More serve
  • learn about the daily life and culture of the Maya
  • visit the artisan groups that E&M partners with
  • enjoy the beauty of Lake Atitlan and the surrounding villages in the western highlands
  • visit colonial Antigua, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with time for sightseeing and shopping
  • experience a trip of a lifetime while sharing the Gospel with these warm and hospitable people
  • learn more about the work of Education And More
  • learn about Fair Trade and how it benefits our friends and partners in Guatemala



Visit Our Website for More Information

June 7 – 16, 2014
Vacation Bible School Mission Trip


Visit beautiful Lake Atitlan

Visit beautiful Lake Atitlan


Sharing God’s Love in the Clouds

October 12, 2013

I recently led a mission team to Guatemala where they had the unusual experience of seeing the clouds envelope us each afternoon.  High in the volcanic mountains of western Guatemala, part of the team presented Vacation Bible School to schoolchildren at a small remote primary school and others of the team helped our local friends pour a concrete playground / school assembly area / soccer field and build a new kitchen stove.



Each afternoon we could see the clouds start to roll in and actually come from lower areas that where we were working.  Often we would have some rain although we were fortunate to have no downpours while we were there.  Our team nicknamed the school “School Above the Clouds”



This small school has 3 classrooms and 2 teachers and also the director who teaches the kindergarteners and preschool.  This year there are approximately 55 children total in the school.  Because the school is so remote it receives very little help from the local or national government.


Be sure to stop by our website and see our dates for mission trips next year.  Although we won’t be working at the ‘School Above the Clouds’  we will have equally exciting and interesting experiences in store for the team that will be working at one of the villages of our artisan groups.




Craft Time is Fun Time in VBS!

August 22, 2013

The little children in Guatemala sure have a lot of fun with the crafts during Vacation Bible School.  Maybe that is because most children love making new things but I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that the children we present VBS to rarely have the opportunity to see or make crafts like these.  They have so little in their homes that they seem to be delighted with everything we bring for them to make. 

This is a short video about craft time in one of our recent VBS sessions.


Sharing God’s Love Through VBS

July 17, 2013

We are back in Guatemala for another session of Vacation Bible School with a group of children in a village near Solola, Guatemala.


The children in this group range in age from about 2 years to 14 years and because of space restraints we are unable to separate the group into age categories.  We haven’t had a problem because the older siblings help out their tiny brothers and sisters in the crafts, refreshments and also in coloring the Bible story pages.


We are serving more than just a snack to this group because so many of the children don’t have sufficient food at home.  Today we served ham on a French roll, fresh from the bakery.  This made a nutritious meal for them along with a glass of orange juice.


The directors of E&M feel really blessed to have had the opportunity to share God’s love with so many little ones and their mothers.  This is the 5th time we have presented VBS this year.  We are looking forward to one more trip this year –  the end of September-  to present Vacation Bible School to a small remote school which has about 60 children.

To learn more about our VBS programs and how you can help or perhaps join us on a Mission trip check our our website.