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Educational Weaving Tour to Guatemala

June 20, 2012

Do you want to see how Fair Trade benefits artisans and their families and learn more about Fair Trade?

Do you want to learn more about Education And More?

Do you love to travel?

Do you want to meet Mayan artisans and get to know them in their daily lives?

Do love textiles and would you like to learn how to weave on a backstrap loom?

Come to Guatemala with Education And More on their Educational Weaving Tour to Guatemala.

We have 2 trips scheduled for 2013 — one trip in January and the other in August.

Check out the webpage for more information!

“Weaving Tour was the trip of a lifetime!”

July 10, 2011

Education And More received a letter from one of the members of the recent weaving tour to Guatemala and we would like to share it with you:

” I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to participate in Education And More’s  Educational Weaving Tour. I can honestly say that the adventure did indeed turn out to be the “trip-of-a-lifetime” I had hoped it might be.

For me, the adventure was an amazing study in contrasts:

  • The rich beauty of the Guatemalan highlands vs. the clear evidence of abject poverty in the country.
  • The colorful costumes and warm personalities of the indigenous people vs. the horrible realities they face in the aftermath of the Guatemalan civil war
  • The standard of living (lack of material wealth) vs. the quality of life (strong family values, sense of community and simple living) of the indigenous people.

While I enjoyed all aspects of the trip, the most meaningful experience for me was the chance to connect with the women artisans as they shared their weaving skills and other gifts with us.  I developed a much greater appreciation for the work these women do and for their culture simply by spending time with them as they lived their daily lives.  And, despite the language barriers we faced, I sensed we reached an understanding at deeper level through the smiles, hugs, laughter and parting tears we shared.

As an added bonus, I will also cherish the time spent and friendships forged with my fellow tour group members.  The fact that our ages and backgrounds were quite diverse certainly added to the experience.  Our shared adventures and appreciation for one another is something that made the trip all the more meaningful and enjoyable.

Thank you again for the experience of a lifetime!

Sincerely, Kim S, Baltimore”

Learning to Weave on a Backstrap Loom

Enjoying the scenery with the morning coffee.

Learn more about our 2012 Weaving Tour at our website.

2012 Guatemala Weaving Tour

July 1, 2011

Our 2012 Weaving Tour has been scheduled for

March 10 – March 19, 2012

Learn  backstrap weaving on your very own loom.

Meet and get to know Mayan women artisans.

Learn how Fair Trade practices make a tremendous difference in the lives of artisans.

Learn more about the work of Education And More.

Setting up the loom

Meeting the women and seeing their work

Join our tour to Guatemala to meet the women artisans that make beautiful crafts and weavings, learn backstrap weaving on a loom you will take home with you, spend time really making a connection and learning about the daily lives of women from this beautiful country!

Learning how tortillas are made by hand

Read more about the tour on our website.

Visiting Beautiful Lake Atitlan

Sightseeing in Antigua

Meeting the ladies of Guatemala!