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Helping Children Smile

February 17, 2015

Nicolasa’s mother told us she didn’t want to go to school.  She didn’t smile a lot last year when we were visiting at her home.


Then she received a sponsorship and on our last visit to her a few weeks ago there was a tremendous change!  She was laughing and smiling a lot and her report card from school showed that her grades had really improved over last year.

The reason she did not want to go to school in previous years was because her family could not afford to buy school supplies  or nicer clothes and she felt so bad she didn’t want to be around the other children.


Nicolasa’s sponsor sends her a letter every year in a Christmas card and the gift of caring from her sponsor makes  a tremendous difference in Nicolasa’s life.  She knows her sponsor is praying for her and cares about her.

Nicolasa speaks the Mayan language K’iche’ and must learn Spanish at school, the official language of Guatemala.  It is hard for children to learn a new language and still do their school work  and it was much harder for Nicolasa because she didn’t want to go and missed a lot of school in past years.  Her parents were not adamant about her attending school each day but that has changed with the sponsorship.  All parents sign a contract that states:

  1. I agree to help my child attend school each day.
  2. I will send my child to school on time and ready to learn.
  3. I will give a copy of the grade card each year to Education And More.
  4. I will help my child understand how an education is important to their future.

The student must sign a similar contract.  We feel this make a tremendous difference!  The report cards show what a difference it has made in the schoolwork of little Nicolasa.

We have many more students that could use a little help.  It costs just $3.46 a week or $15 a month to give a sponsorship to a student and change their life!

Learn more on our website and then choose a child to help!


A Student …… A Future ………… An Education

January 22, 2015

School starts in January for students in Guatemala but we met some children on our recent trip that have never been to school.

Meet Alesia and Alicia — twins who have never yet gone to school.  They would really like to join their friends and attend the little local school near their village.  Their parents do not have sufficient money for the enrollment fees and school supplies.

 Visit our website for more information on sponsorship and then let us know if you can help one or both of these precious girls.




Helping to Educate Sergio

November 21, 2014

I would like  you to meet Sergio!

DSC04985Sergio is the son of one of our artisans and would very much like to finish high school and go on to the University.

His mother is a single mother with 2 boys to care for and is needing help with the cost of educating Sergio so he can finish his last year in high school next year and then perhaps go on to the University.

They live in a two room home with no electricity or running water.  His mother has been using all of her available money to try to keep her two boys in school.  Sergio’s grades are excellent so we are hoping to find a sponsor or receive donations for his education.

More information about our sponsorship program is on our website:




Young Lady Needing Sponsorship To Finish School

January 19, 2014

We have a young lady, the daughter of one of our artisans, who is really in need of a sponsorship to finish her last year of high school and then to be able to go on to the university.  Laura hopes to be able to attend the university but she knows without help she will probably be unable to go on to the university.


Laura and her siblings

She is the oldest in her family of 7 children.  Many parents in the rural areas of Guatemala expect their daughters to forgo advanced education and to stay home and take care of their younger siblings but Laura’s parents want their children, their daughters too, to go as far with their education as possible.

We have had Laura in our program waiting for a sponsorship for over a year so we are making a special request to try to find her a sponsor.  She is a very bright and personable young lady and will do very well if she is able to continue her education.  She knows that a better education  is the only way that she will be able find a job in the future.

For more information please email us at more

You can learn more about our sponsorship program on our website.

Laura, on the right

Laura, on the right