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A New Skill =

September 10, 2013

Artesanas I’xkoq’a were really happy to receive sewing lessons earlier this year along with new sewing machines  and supplies and they worked hard to learn this new skill.  After the earlier lessons we required they practice their sewing for a few months and then we began more lessons for them with their instructor, Gaspar.  They will now have 4 more months of lessons to really become proficient with their new skills.



What will these new skills mean to them?  It means new opportunities to earn money sewing their own handcrafts and also sewing for others in their community.  They will now be able to sew the hems on their handwoven napkins and placemats, make purses, pillows and so much more!

This group is very organized and always searching for ways to improve their handcraft business with improved or new skills and improved business practices.  We are very pleased to be able to help them by furnishing their sewing center and providing 7 months of sewing lessons.



Ribbon Cutting Time

February 13, 2012

When we arrived to see the finished sewing center building at Artesana’s T’zaput we were so surprised  to see they had set up a ribbon cutting ceremony with a crepe paper ribbon.

The group is really thrilled to have this large new building and just wanted to thank us with a very festive viewing of the room.  They had gone early that morning up the mountain to pick some fresh pine needles and scattered them on the floor of the room along with flower petals.  This is a custom in this area whenever there is a special fiesta or party– they might spread the pine needles in the party room or on the dirt ground — wherever the party is being held.

They had even picked fresh flowers and put them in jars to liven up the simple block building! Next came the demonstration of their sewing skills– because they wanted to show what they had learned in their first 3 months of sewing lessons.

We were so pleased to fund this project and with the help of volunteers for the construction it was completed  ahead of schedule.  Now the women will have a large new place to sew and to work on products so they can earn money to help their family.

Learning to Sew

December 18, 2011

The artisans are making progress in their sewing centers and learning to sew not only basic simple sewing but are beginning to learn more difficult aspects of sewing.  As in all areas of learning some people learn faster and the same is true with the ladies taking the sewing classes.  Some have moved on to  sewing simple skirts and purses and others are still mastering the basic.

Therefore there is a need for more classes and they will begin after the first of the year.  They have all had 3 months of classes but are taking a break until in January.

Learning to sew is a skill that will help the women throughout their life — help them to earn an income to help their families.  One of the ladies has already benefited from the classes and availability of the sewing center and has made items for her family and for her home.  She expressed her deep appreciation for the help of Education And More for giving them such a wonderful gift — that of learning to sew– for her and the other ladies.

Education — that is what Education And More is about!!

You can help more women learn to sew by donating $200 for a new sewing machine for the sewing centers.

Sewing Centers for Fair Trade Artisans

February 3, 2011

Education And More is trying to raise money for sewing centers for 2 of the artisan groups that we work with in the western highlands of Guatemala.  We have worked with these groups for several years and they are both in need of  sewing machines, sewing lessons, tables, and supplies in order to increase their income with sewn items.

Artesana's T'zaput

‘Sewing machines and learning to sew has been a dream for us!’–  one of the artisans told me recently.

Children of Fair Trade Artisans

The economic benefit of learning to sew and then having sewing machines will make a huge difference to the income they are able to generate for their families.

Backstrap Weaver from Artesanas Red de Mujeres Juaneras

Backstrap Weaver from Artesanas Red de Mujeres Juaneras

We have donated a sewing machine to each group in the past,  but they need more machines and they need sewing instruction for advanced sewing of purses, totes, messenger bags, backpacks, curtains, and clothing and other more detailed projects.

Please help us in our fund raising for our artisan groups! Donate Today!

Fair Trade Artisans Receive Sewing Machine

January 28, 2011

Artesanas T’zaput were thrilled to receive a new Janome sewing machine along with sewing supplies, an iron and table top iron pads, new book on learning to sew and lessons in basic sewing.

Fair Trade artisans receive sewing machine

This has been a dream of their for many years and now the dream is taking shape as they learn to sew.  We are looking for grant monies to help us to help them with more sewing machines, a skilled sewing teacher and other equipment needed for a sewing center.

Artesanas T'zaput

In front of the workroom for the artisans

Carrying her baby in the shawl

Finishing a weaving with the fringe ends.

We are so pleased to help this group with new skills to expand their weaving business.  The families in this little community are farmers and subsist on crops they grow for themselves and to sell at a local market but it leaves very little money to provide extras such as schooling or medical care or clothing or the many other things a family needs.  Our work with this group has enabled them to expand and learn new weaving techniques and many new skills with handcrafts and with their business.  We are also in the process of teaching them to use the internet and email in the internet cafes in the city.