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Sharing The Gospel

January 22, 2013

Our January trip was special because we presented Vacation Bible School in Guatemala!  Our artisans had all invited us to bring VBS to them and their children and in January we had the first sessions.  The children just loved all the activity of VBS – Bible stories, crafts, games, songs and of course the refreshments.  Most if not all of the children and mothers have never attended VBS before so it was a new experience to them!

Even the tiniest had fun at VBS!

Even the tiniest had fun at VBS!

We presented a special Bible Study hour to the mothers of the children through the Magdalena film from the Jesus Film Project.  After the film we presented a short study on Psalms 66 and what God has done in our lives, then we let them listen to the Bible in their own language on a Proclaimer from Faith Comes By Hearing.  A Proclaimer is a simple black box that has the Bible downloaded into it in the native language of the listener and in this case it was in Kakchiquel.  The women (and children too!) have never had the Bible in their own language.


The Proclaimer is a unique tool to share the Gospel because it is very simple to use, it can be recharged by solar, wind-up or by electricity, and the volume can be turned up so that approximately 300 people can hear the Word.  We left the Proclaimer with one of our groups to use until we return in a few months and then will let another group use it. We would like to purchase one for each of our groups and are looking for donations. The cost is $100 each so if you would like to help share the Word please donate today!