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Coffee Harvest & School

January 24, 2009

The coffee harvest has begun here in the highlands of Guatemala and that also signifies the start of a new school year.  Nuevo Amanecer is a Christian school in San Juan La Laguna and through the help of nonprofit Christian organizations like Children of Lake Atitlan and Education And  More have grown and expanded to include junior high classes. They provide a high quality education along with a Christian education teaching the children of Jesus Christ.  Francisco, the director, and all the teachers and staff are very dedicated.  The children are truly blessed to attend a school such as this!  One way Education And More helps the school is with donations of special teacher resources so the teachers have adequate supplies and resources to give a quality education.  Our monetary donations help with the purchase of classroom furniture and maintenance of the school. 

Nuevo Amanecer is very important here in San Juan La Laguna and the parents are glad to have a Christian education for their children. 

Many children are kept out of school or work after school picking coffee because their family needs the money.  It is hot, exhausting and  extremely heavy work.  With a basket strapped around your waist or a bag over your shoulder, you pick the red cherries only.  When your container is full you empty it and start over.  We see many men that are walking to the cooperative with a huge bag of coffee strapped on their back and forehead and I have even seen women carrying these huge bags that way!

So coffee harvest and a new school year with all the work and excitement that it entails has arrived.  We pray the children grow and learn daily in the Word of God and obtain an education to benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Your Question Please……….

July 15, 2008

We have received several questions recently about Education And More so decided to post the questions and answers here for everyone to read. If you have a question ask it in the comment section below.

What schools have you helped and how have you helped them? We have helped Nuevo Amanecer Christian School, San Antonio Palopo Quince de Septiembre School, San Jorge Rural Mixta, Palestina Rural and Tierra Linda Rural Mixta schools. Projects include furnishing school libraries with Spanish language childrens books, outfitting hundreds of children with needed school supplies, providing teacher resources and supplies to help teachers teach more effectively, purchasing teacher desks and bookshelves for the classrooms, volunteers teaching English in classes and helping with VBS camp.

Is illiteracy really a problem in Guatemala? Don’t all children go to school for at least a few years? Recent official data from the government gives a figure that more than 1 million children do not attend school in Guatemala with the rate of illiteracy of 40% in the rural areas. Many estimates indicate these figures are very low— and this is in a country of 13 million total population! There are many, many children who only attend school for 1-2 years and from this you can see why illiteracy is so high. Add to that the problem that most children in the rural areas speak an indigenous dialect and try to learn Spanish when starting school which make it doubly hard for a child to learn to read and write in just a couple of years of school. Education is compulsory thru 6th grade — but not enforced.

Ask your questions!