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When Are You Coming Back?

March 19, 2015

Yes, that is what we hear from our women’s groups.  “When are you coming back again!”  We recently began a new mothers and toddler’s Bible study and the women have told us how much they really love the study. This new Christian Bible study has been made possible by a grant from the Lorenz Family Foundation and we are very grateful to have received the grant so that we can bring a Bible study to mothers and their little children.

Bible Study in Guatemala

The women in these groups almost exclusively speak the Mayan language of Kakchiquel so our Bible study presenters must also translate from Spanish into Kakchiquel.  Each group gathers together once a month for a Bible study and fun for the little toddlers.  They have told Araceli, our Guatemalan Program Coordinator, that they are so grateful to have the opportunity to learn about Jesus.  Because they do not have a church close to them, they rarely get to hear God’s Word and learn about His son, Jesus Christ. Of course sometimes the older children are not in school that day and they also come with mama to the Bible study!

Christian Bible Study in Guatemala

Araceli and our presenters reported that the little toddlers had a lot of fun too. The Bible study involves a tomato worm and they all learn about the “Fruit of the Spirit.” There is a lot of interaction among the presenters and the toddlers with puppets, games, crafts and real fruit to emphasize the lesson.

Learning about Jesus!

VBS in Guatemala

child in Guatemala

girl in Guatemala

Watch for more information about our Christian outreach programs in Guatemala on our website and also  in this blog.  If you would like to receive our newsletter you can sign up on our website or also at this link.


Let the little children come!

February 2, 2015

We love it when we have lots of little ones for Vacation Bible School!  The little children are so precious and we have so much fun with them in VBS!

You really should go on one of our Mission Trips to Guatemala as we show God’s love and teach them about His son, Jesus Christ.  The little children love it when we come to their village for VBS and are always so excited and eager to learn. Of course the love the games, the snacks and craft time too!!

VBS Guatemala mission trip

Vacation Bible School Mission Trip to Guatemala

Our next mission trip is coming up fast!  Grab a friend and join us before the team fills up!

So what are you going to do in Guatemala on the trip?

  • Present VBS for 4 afternoons  to the children of one of our artisan groups and their friends in the community.
  • Visit our other artisan groups and see how they earn a fair trade wage from Education And More
  • Sightseeing time — in Antigua and in the villages in the Lake Atitlan area
  • Learn how to make tortillas by hand
  • Shopping time in local Mayan markets
  • Hear the Mayan languages of T’zutujil, K’iche’ and Kakchiquel and maybe learn a little

Education And More 2015 Mission Trip Guatemala

Sharing God's Love in Guatemala

This year’s mission trip for VBS is June 6-14, 2015.  Don’t wait until it too late and the team is filled — sign up today and  help us share God’s love to His precious little children in Guatemala.  More information on our website. 

VBS Games with the children in Guatemala, Education And More


Vacation Bible School mission team

Traditional Dress Still Worn

November 7, 2012

The traditional Mayan woman’s dress is still being worn in Guatemala — especially in the rural areas even though the younger women, especially in the larger towns, are sporting western wear of jeans and shirt.

The Mayan clothing for the women – a huipil and corte – is both colorful and meaningful.  The pattern on the huipil (blouse) signifies which village  the wearer is from and she usually wears it when she is away from home.  The corte (skirt) also can indicate the village but it is not as distinct today in its meaning because many of the cortes are simply fabric that is purchased and cut into the length needed for a skirt.  The lady above is living in San Juan La Laguna but the huipil she is wearing is not typical of San Juan La Laguna – so perhaps she was born in another village.

These ladies were in a parade and in their finest traje (dress/outfit)

This little lady also wears the traditional dress.

Grandma’s skirt and blouse are thread bare and has probably been worn everyday for years.

Even the tiniest little girls get their own huipil — woven by Mom.

This huipil is a heavily brocaded with distinct patterns that is typical of Santa Catarina. The brocading is done while weaving the piece.

Every week a ‘yard sale’ takes place in Panajachel where they sell used huipils and cortes.  Tourists buy them as a souvenir and some locals buy them to recycle them into purses or other handcrafts to sell to the tourists.

The traditional huipil is giving way to the modern rayon fabric of a purchased huipil.  They are very inexpensive in comparison to the yarn and time needed to weave the fabric for a  huipil on a backstrap loom.

This huipil has birds embroidered all over it and was a gorgeous example of Mayan huipil!

Some huipils are just a plain weaving with a strip of embroidery to join woven pieces together.

This huipil is from San Juan La Laguna but is an older design style.  The newer style is a burgundy with small white stripes but still sports the heavily embroidered neckline.

We hope you have enjoyed a look at the women of Guatemala and their beautiful clothing!

Fundraising For Your Group!

July 2, 2012

Does your women’s group have a heart for missions and want to raise money for their mission work?

Is your youth group wanting to raise funds for their programs or a trip?

Fundraising opportunities are available for your group to raise dollars for your programs while at the same time helping artisans in Guatemala earn a fair wage to help them support their families and educate their children.

Weaving friendship bracelets

Hand woven on a small table loom by Mayan women in Guatemala, these simple bracelets can help a mother educate her children in addition to providing nutritional food for them.

Check out our fundraising packs in our webstore:

These bracelets are so fun and so popular– it makes fundraising easy



Helping Those Less Fortunate

May 10, 2012

Are you curious about our projects in Guatemala?  We have several projects and many ways in which you can help  those that are less fortunate than you.

Our new projects are:

Sweaters, Socks and Bibles project –  We are raising funds to purchase new sweaters, socks and Bibles for each of our artisan groups.  Many of the women have only one sweater to wear when it is cold and that sweater is usually very ragged.  We want to purchase new sweaters for all  90 women artisans that are in our groups.  The children wear socks if they have any but usually they do not own any or maybe have one pair, so we want to provide the children of our artisans with new socks — that is 129 children!   Our artisans speak 3 different Mayan languages – 1 group speaks Queche, 3 groups speak Kakchiquel and 2 groups speak T’zutujil – with very few of the artisans speaking  Spanish and on top of these language barriers most of the women are illiterate.  We want to provide the Bible in audio format in their own language and in Spanish so they will have it to listen to in their homes.  We need funds to help with this — won’t you help?

Vacation Bible School project – We are raising funds to have VBS programs for the children at each of our groups.  We will need VBS materials, craft projects materials, Bibles, translators, mission teams  plus much more to make this a continuing effort in the coming years. We would love to have two programs each year with each artisan group. These VBS programs will help the children learn about Jesus and His love for them and will also provide materials for them to practice their reading and writing.  Most children do not have books to read or other materials to learn skills necessary to improve their education and we hope to be able to provide some help through VBS classes.   We need funds to help with this — won’t you help?

Sewing Centers – We have identified another of our artisan groups that need our help with a sewing center.  We hope to provide a new building for a sewing center along with sewing classes for this group in the coming year.  This group was devastated with a tropical storm a couple of years ago and lost nearly all of their homes, their workshop, their looms — nearly everything.  We need funds to help with this — won’t you help?

Our ongoing projects in which we need help —

Fair Trade Handcraft Sales / Bazaars –  Now you can help the artisans in our Fair Trade women’s groups by volunteering to sell their Fair Trade handcrafts. Hosting a Fair Trade sale/ bazaar at your church, office, community center or in your home can benefit the women because every sale improves their lives by giving them more income to help support their families.  Email us for more information through our website contact page.

School Supplies project – If your group would like to collect basic school supplies for the students,we will distribute them to the children of our artisan groups.  It costs several thousand dollars to purchase needed school supplies for all the children.  Many of these children cannot go to school because of a lack of school supplies.  Also please consider donating used or new laptop computers to Education And More. We want to supply the older students in our Sponsorship program with a computer so they can benefit from technology as they continue their education.

Fundraising Project – Looking for ways to raise money for a youth trip or for your women’s programs?  We have several different fundraisers available to help you raise money and at the same time help artisans in Guatemala support their families. Hacky sack balls, ID Badgeholders, Friendship bracelets, Beaded bracelets and Neck Scarves — are a few of the fundraisers available for you to help your group and help families in Guatemala. Email us for more information.

Educational Support project – In addition to our Sponsorship Program, Education And More   helps many students attend school by providing their school supplies, backpacks and often by giving new school shoes and clothing and school fees.  Many of the children in Guatemala need this help or they are unable to attend school.  Please consider donating to our Educational Support project so that we can help even more children or get your Sunday School group or your women’s group involved in raising funds for the students.

Student needing help with school expenses.

Tiny But Devoted!

December 1, 2011

She is tiny but so very determined and devoted to work hard and help her husband provide for their children and keep them in school. Her name is Vicenta and she is the president of one of the artisan groups that we work with in Guatemala.

She weaves on large foot pedal looms, is a master weaver on the backstrap loom and is a tireless promoter of the group  in trying to find places to sell their handcrafts. We were introduced to Vicenta and her group though another organization several years ago and we have formed a wonderful working relationship with them. Even though she is a tiny little woman, a Kakchiquel Mayan lady, she is a  strong woman and can handle the large weaving looms and other equipment as well as coordinate the work of the artisan  group, her family and home.

Vicenta and her husband have 7 children and live in a very simple home — one bedroom and one other room with a separate room for a kitchen.

Her children and all the children in her artisan group are ones that we are fundraising for to help them with their school expenses this year. Please consider  donating $20 to help one of the 32 children in the families of the group.


She is a treasured little lady in her community and we are very pleased to help her and her artisan group earn a fair wage along with many other benefits for all the families.  To learn more visit our webpage about the artisans, Artesanas T’zaput.