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Warping The Loom

April 10, 2014

For non weavers it seems a difficult and daunting tsak to get the yarn from the skeins onto the looms, known as ‘warping the loom’ in weaving lingo.   I am sure the job is similar with weavers around the world but here I will show you how our artisans in Guatemala warp their looms.



If the yarn is in skeins the weaver winds it onto spools.  These are homemade spools and the winder you can see is made from a bicycle wheel and is done for warping the foot pedal looms.

The process is a little different for the backstrap loom but the yarn still needs to be warped and the transferred to the loom. Typically they just lay the yarn on the yarn winder also called a swift and put the yarn on the warping board from there.

Yarn is typically  transferred from the swift to the warping board for a backstrap loom.

Yarn is typically transferred from the swift to the warping board for a backstrap loom.


It is incredible to me that weavers can plan the weaving and get the yarn on the huge warping board/ wheels in the needed pattern for the large floor looms. Below is the urdidor / warping wheel used for the foot pedal loom by our artisans.




After the yarn has been warped it is transferred to the loom and the weaving begins.

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Putting the warp on the backstrap loom

Putting the warp on the backstrap loom





Hand weaving is very labor intensive but produces beautiful textiles that will last for years.  Our artisans produce several weights of cloth on their  floor looms and backstrap looms-  from fine dress weight cloth to heavy upholstery weight textiles.

We have a wide assortment of their weavings in our online  webstore here

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Artesanas T’zaput

January 19, 2011

This afternoon we spent more time with the group, Artesanas T’zaput, to review our order that will be shipped soon and also to present the new sewing program. We had designed a new pattern for neck scarves and the finished product was stunning; light and airy and so soft and silky looking! I continue to be amazed that these ladies can weave such beautiful textiles while living in the conditions and daily struggles that they face. We will have these scarves in the website store as soon as possible in February because we know you will want to have one for yourself!

Beach / Swimsuit Cover-ups

New spring swimsuit coverups.

We had also asked them to try to weave a new type of checked design into beach wraps (swimsuit coverups) and these also turned out to look really exquisite! It is a checkered design that is woven into the cloth to give it some added dimension and texture and we are really pleased with the first samples of these. These swimsuit coverups / shawls will also be shipped in February in new spring colors.

After much discussion with the group president and with Angelica, we finalized the details about the new sewing program for the group and will begin with sewing lessons for Angelica. She is really happy to be able to learn this new skill because it will help her earn money to continue her education. One of the ladies in the group, Artesanas T’zaput does know how to sew but the group could not afford to buy a sewing machine so they were unable to expand their line of handcrafts. Education And More purchased a Janome sewing machine for the group and we hope to give them a complete sewing center eventually. The president said that this was a dream for the group for years and they are happy to be able to begin to learn to sew and have a sewing machine all their own.

Artisan Weavers Earning Fair Wages