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Christian + Fair Trade + Eco Friendly Gifts

July 16, 2014

Need a gift? Read on to see some great Christian gifts in our webstore that will help you make a difference with your purchase! A difference because the producer, the maker of the product will receive a fair income for their work!




We have clerical stoles in blue, green, and white.  What a wonderful gift for your deacons, elders, Pastor.  Have you thought about hanging them on the wall in the fellowship hall or in the church office?  These stoles have been handwoven on backstrap looms by our artisan group, Chuchi Weavers, and they are then meticulously hand embroidered in the gold threads.  Below is a photo of the weavers that you are helping when you purchase these stoles.

Chuchi Weavers

Chuchi Weavers


s20aOur prayer pockets were designed by one of our Board of Directors and she not only designed them but wrote the poem that goes with the little pocket.  Such a great gift for tucking into a greeting card!  We have fundraisers available with these prayer pockets so check out our Fundraising category in our webstore.  Great to earn money for a mission trip or for your church programs!


A cross constructed  with  the intricate method of wheat weaving is another gift idea that is Fair Trade + Christian + Eco Friendly.  We have 2 sizes so you can order for gifts that could be hung on the wall, used as a gift package decoration or hung on the Christmas tree.  Perfect gift for Easter or Christmas.








Friendship Bracelets are such fun and you can use them to share the Gospel with your friends.  We have English and Spanish versions!  Take some with you on a mission trip to Spanish speaking countries!


We have more Fair Trade Christian Gifts in our Etsy store too!






Weaving Looms in Guatemala

March 30, 2014

Weaving on large floor looms, known by our artisans in the rural areas  of Guatemala as foot pedal looms, has typically been done by men.   Mayan women didn’t usually do either, weaving on foot pedal looms or sewing on sewing machines. The women however have used the backstrap loom  to weave all the cloth needs of their families.   This has been changing in recent years and now women are accomplished seamstresses on sewing machines and master weavers on the large looms.  Education And More works with three artisan groups of women that weave on various size foot pedal looms and electric sewing machines.

misson 098


Some of our groups use the extremely large looms — nearly 6 feet long and 4-5 feet wide.  They usually weave fabric not wider than about 36 inches.  Another of our groups uses a smaller floor loom that is about 4-5 feet long and  about 4 feet wide and then another group has several small looms that are about 3 feet long and 2 feet wide that they can use to weave belts and other narrow items.


Of course all our artisan groups still use the backstrap loom and teach it to their daughters when the girls are about 7 years old.

It is interesting to see the looms in action and even more interesting to see them warp up or get the yarn ready to put on the loom.  Part 2 of this post will show how they get the yarn ready. If you would like to purchase any  of the handwoven items from our artisans please check out our Etsy shop or our webstore at Education And More







Be sure to stop by and the all the beautiful woven items by the master weavers — the women of our artisan groups!  Fair Trade table runners, napkins, placemats, towels, purses, bags, totes, scarves, wraps and so much more.  Plus, see our selection of weaving supplies and tools such as backstrap looms, battens, weaving swords, hand dyed yarn, loom totes and bags and spindles.


Education And More store on Etsy


Our website online store at Education And More


I love these towels!!

October 29, 2013

We recently received a customer comment about our beautiful kitchen towels and would like to share it with you.  Annie C. wrote, “I love these towels and am so glad I ordered them!  The first time I washed and dried them they were all wrinkly when I pulled them from the dryer but after I used them a while and they had been through the washer and dryer a few times  they came out really smooth with very few wrinkles and look great.  They are so soft and absorbent and they remind me of dish towels that my grandma used to use.  I love them and will be ordering some for gifts!  Thanks!”


The towels she is talking about are our kitchen towels made of 100% cotton yarns and handwoven on a foot pedal loom by our artisans. Many all cotton items are wrinkled the first few times they come out of the dryer but just wait — you’re gonna love them!  After a few times thru the washer and dryer the fibers seem to meld together and you have a super absorbent towel with few wrinkles right out of the dryer.  We have had such wonderful comments on them and they continue to be one of  our best sellers.

Check out our beautiful kitchen towels in our webstore!




Cool Weather is Arriving

September 18, 2012

With the fall temperatures arriving it is time to start wearing those neck scarves once again.  Neck scarves have been a fashion staple for quite a few years and it looks like they are going to be around for many more years.  Many  women are wearing a wider scarf that can be used as a shoulder wrap / shawl if needed and we have many in our webstore that are perfect for a little shoulder wrap when it is cool in that store, office or at church.  Just let them drape on your shoulders and they give a little added warmth!

Choose a color to support you favorite team!

Luscious fall tones in this  oh-so-soft  wrap!

Or choose one to brighten up those dreary, rainy days  with this scarf of many colors!

How about an attention grabbing fuschia  pink scarf!!  Perfect for an evening out dancing!

Whatever you choose you will be helping women in Guatemala earn a fair wage so they can help their families.

Check out our webstore today!

Unique Gifts for Employees

November 3, 2011

Are you looking for a unique gift for your employees or for co-workers– something you can be proud to give. A Fair Trade and eco-friendly gift?

Education And More has unique lanyards / ID / Badgeholders that were made by women in Guatemala from the Artesana’s Ixkoq’a artisan group.

We have several color choices and even a rugged eco-friendly that is perfect for the men in the office.  Included with the lanyards is an eco-friendly, compostable bageholder that is made from plants not plastic!

If you need more than 10 ID / Badgeholders be sure to email us for a special price quote for large quantities.

Check out all the colors and styles available at our website!



Naturally Dyed Cotton Yarn

August 27, 2011

One of the artisan groups that Education And More works with dyes a lot of their yarn naturally.  The practice of hand dyeing yarn is a tradition handed down through the generations in San Juan La Laguna.

Natural cotton yarn is generally cheaper so the artisans are able to buy the yarn and do weaving for their families by adding color through the process of adding color with plant dyes.

The group recently shipped to Education And More hand-dyed yarn in several colors – muted mustard color, muted celery green and a rich chocolate brown. They are for sale in Education And More’s webstore. We will have more colors in the coming months.

Yarn dyed with plant dyes

Yarn is hung to dry after the dyeing process

Naturally dyed brown color -- shawl










Natural plant dyes were used in this weaving

Dyeing yarn with plant or vegetable dyes produces soft and muted colors as shown in these photos.  To learn more about the colors that some plants produce check out our Backstrap Weaving page on our website.

So if you like to weave and want some unique yarn check out our webstore for the first selections from our artisans in Guatemala.