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Dia De La Gloria Procession in San Juan La Laguna

April 27, 2011

I watched a procession in San Juan La Laguna on Dia De La Gloria which is Saturday of Semana Santa. It was a beautiful procession that began in front of the very old Catholic Church. The church is undergoing an extensive rebuilding but they have left the front wall of the original church as you can see by some of these photos.

Floral Carpets / Alfombras of Guatemala

April 26, 2011

Fresh pine needles are used in a variety of ways for the processions and floral carpets; I’ve even seen them sprinkled on the floor of small stores and in homes. These pictures are in Antigua of the venders selling the pine needles.

Pine needles for sale in Antigua

In Panajachel the pine needles were used as a base for the decorations of fruits, vegetables and flowers in the alfombras. The rain started a couple hours after these floral carpets were made so they didn’t last long.

The cross is made of Roma tomatoes!

On the ride from Antigua to Panajachel we saw this pickup truck loaded with palm branches to be used in decorations or in church services for Holy Week.