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Life Changing Gift for Families!

April 2, 2015

Fundraising For Homes To Help Women and Children


We are kicking off our 2015 Fundraising Campaign with the goal of raising $25,000 to repair 25 of our artisans homes to help our artisans and their children live in healthier, safer homes.

Most of our artisans live in very simple one or two room homes.  Some do not have electricity, many have dirt floors or leaking roofs, others need a new wood burning stove for their kitchen. With a little help from our donors and supporters we will be able to help these families.


Fair Trade artisan home in Guatemala


Please help us help the women and their families with your donation! If you would like to get a group together to go to Guatemala then contact us about setting up a mission trip to help repair their homes.
What a life changing gift this is for families!

Learn more at our website – Education And More.


Mayan artisans in Guatemala

Healthy Families and Healthy Homes

February 11, 2014

Education And More has initiated a program to help our artisan families improve their homes and thereby improve the health of their families.  We have helped and worked with our artisan partners for many years and even with the earnings from their handcraft businesses it is still not sufficient to fulfill the needs of the families. The needs are great and they daily confront: insufficient food, unhealthy and unsafe cooking stoves, homes needing repair, insufficient income.

Copy of Guate July 176

We have identified many homes that need help to repair or replace the corrugated tin roofs. The roofs are rusted and have holes in them which lets the rain in during the rainy season and since many of these homes have dirt floors the family then lives in a cold, wet, muddy home. These conditions are extremely unhealthy for the children and adults alike. It is very cool at night because the people we serve live in the highlands at an altitude of 4000 feet and more.


The typical kitchen stove of our artisan groups is a concrete block stove similar to a barbecue grill which uses a tremendous amount of wood. Many of the stovepipes are blocked with creosote or simply not working and the smoke then fills the kitchen area which is extremely hazardous for the women who are in the kitchens cooking. Some of the women have nothing but a campfire pit in the middle of their one room home and it is a hazard for the young children as they play in the house and the little ones learning to walk. Replacing or repairing the stoves improves the respiratory health of all the family and the risk of the little children falling into the fires are eliminated. We will replace the stoves with an energy efficient stove that uses 60% or more less wood resulting in less deforestation which is prevalent in Guatemala.



Read how you can help us in our work to help the families at our website or join us on a mission trip and help repair the homes.

Our next mission service trip to help the families

will be June 14 – 22, 2014.

Join us on this trip to help the families in Guatemala.

For more information about our Healthy Families / Healthy Homes program click here.


Team is ready to work!

Team is ready to work!

Mission Trip To Help Children in Guatemala

May 30, 2013


Come join us this fall to help children in Guatemala!  We will be working at a small school in the rural highlands.  Watch the video for more photos of this beautiful country and the warm and friendly people!


Visit our website for more information on the trip!


Mission Trip to Guatemala in October!

May 17, 2013

We are really excited to tell you about our October trip — a trip to really make a difference in the lives of school children and teachers!  Take your choice of what you would like to do while on this trip– help with repairs and building or teach Vacation Bible School.


We will be working at a small school in the western highlands of Guatemala.  This remote little school is situated high on a volcanic mountain and contains only 3 classrooms and 3 teachers. Because of limited resources they need our help with repairs and with a building project at the school and have also invited us to present VBS to the children at the school.


You will have time to:

  • your choice of work projects — building/repairs or teaching Vacation Bible School
  • meet the artisans we work with and visit their communities and homes
  • maybe see how they make those delicious tortillas by hand
  • learn a little of a Mayan language – T”zutujil, Kakchiquel or K’iche
  • visit other villages in the rural highlands  and see beautiful Lake Atitlan
  • see the colonial city of Antigua
  • share God’s love while helping our neighbors in Guatemala
  • maybe teach a little English in our spare time at the school
  • view weaving demonstrations on a backstrap loom and foot pedal loom
We will be building a new kitchen stove for the school!

We will be building a new kitchen stove for the school!

Learn more about this trip of a lifetime at our website and then email us for more information!

Trip dates — September 28 thru October 7th

Hurry before the trip fills up!

Visit beautiful Lake Atitlan

Visit beautiful Lake Atitlan

Help us present Vacation Bible School to the little children!

Help us present Vacation Bible School to the little children!

Meet the artisans and see their villages.

Meet the artisans and see their villages.


Beautiful cathedral – La Merced – in Antigua.

Education And …………….. More

January 30, 2013

Recently a supporter asked why the name  ‘Education And More’   for the organization when we do so much with artisan groups and helping them earn a fair wage– “What has that got to do with education?”

Maybe we don’t often explain the reason for our name, but we are all about education.


We believe education is vitally important to reducing poverty and there are many types of educational opportunities that we offer. Just helping a student with a way to attend school isn’t often enough in a developing country because the students face so many problems outside the classroom.  They lack sufficient food in their daily lives and are often less healthy —  therefore are at a disadvantage in learning.  By focusing our work on helping in many aspects of their lives, the students, their families and communities  can look forward to a better future.

What types of educational help do we offer?

  1. Sponsorship to Public Schools — Primary grades, Junior High grades, High School, Career schools, Technical school, and University
  2. Practical Education — sewing classes;  marketing,  technical , and product design help and education
  3. Christian Education through Bible study, Vacation Bible School presentations, Christian films
  4. Schools — we offer help to small schools by providing the administration and teachers the tools they need: textbooks, computer labs, school supplies for the teachers as well as students, repairs and upgrades to the school building, and more.

What is the ‘And More’ in our name…………..

  1.  help to artisans through a Fair Trade wage.
  2. increased self worth and dignity to the artisans and students because of achievements in their handcraft businesses and in their education
  3. sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  4. building relationships with trust and  friendship
  5. interest free micro-credit loans to help them expand their handcraft businesses
  6. giving cash advances for family emergencies
  7. long term relationships with the students and parents so they know someone cares if they succeed

We would love you to become involved in helping us provide Education ……….And More!

Copy of May2009 004

How Busy Are You In Your Daily Life

August 19, 2012

Not enough hours in the day?  Too many chores with working a job for 8 hours and then coming home to all the household chores?  Isn’t it wonderful that we have a car to get where we are going, a dishwasher, a washing machine  and clothes dryer for the clothes, an electric stove and refrigerator? Even with all these appliances we still never seem to have enough time.

Most of the artisans we help in Guatemala have none of these conveniences.  Their lives are extremely difficult.  Their hand weaving is their job during the day and they work at weaving for about 4-6 hours or more to help earn income for the family.

They do a lot of walking every day — none of the artisans have vehicles.

Many of them have kitchens that consist of nothing more than what would be called a cooking pit — like an outdoor campfire.  This is extremely dangerous because it is so easy for the children to get burnt.  If they have a little more money they may have a wood burning stove which is like a concrete barbeque grill.

Many families cannot afford a bed and  mattress and use these woven reed mats as their beds.

Some women use a large rock to wash clothes while many others have a pila — which is a large outdoor sink with a washboard built right into it.  This large sink is used for all types of washing — dishes, clothes, bathroom sink to brush your teeth, etc. Often you will see women washing clothes in the lake because of no running water at home.

Families don’t eat much meat because they can’t afford it but when they do want chicken for dinner, the work involves butchering a chicken.

Shopping for groceries involves walking to the local market or to one of the stores and then carrying back whatever is purchased.

Most times they work together with other women in the community or with extended family members to get the large jobs done.   Even with all the hard work they are joyful and appreciative of everything they have in their lives.

We are all busy — no matter where we live — hectic and busy daily lives caring for our families. Will you take a moment to pray for our artisans and their families?