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A Gift For Your Family

November 17, 2013

A friend recently asked me if there was some alternative type Christmas gift from Education And More that she could buy her grandchildren that would help the children that we serve in Guatemala and help teach her grandchildren about the lives of other children.  Here are some of the ideas I gave her and maybe it would help you in your gifting this year.

Educate A Child — Help a child go to school with a sponsorship with Education And More. What a great way to give a gift to 2 people at once-someone on your Christmas list and a child in Guatemala.  You will receive periodic updates about the children along with photos and their grade card each year.


Shoes for Children — Help your children or grandchildren understand that not all children have the basics of life — donate a pair of shoes in their name. We will send a picture of the children that receive the shoes. $20 will buy a really nice pair of shoes for a child and help keep him warm! Education And More serves  artisan groups that live in the mountainous areas of Guatemala so it is really cool at night and downright cold in the rainy season. Go to to donate and note that it is for ‘Shoes For Children’


Basket of Food — We have many families in our artisan groups that are unable to purchase sufficient food for their families and rarely a variety of foods that help the children grow and develop. Won’t you help by donating a Christmas basket of food or even two in your children’s name. Education And More will send you a photo of the family receiving your gift! Donate $25 today at our website and specify ‘Basket of Food for a Family’

Guate July 056

Show your appreciation to your Pastor – A beautiful clergy stole, handwoven on a backstrap loom with meticulous hand embroidery. Our artisan group, Chuchi Weavers, receives much needed income with our orders of these beautiful stoles which helps them  care for their children.


Fund a week of Vacation Bible School  – Help us share the Gospel through VBS to the children in our artisan groups and their communities.  Donate $750 to enable us to provide VBS classes so the children can learn about Jesus.  Recognize a loved one with a gift and receive photos and videos of the children during VBS.

DSC02356Visit our website to learn more about our work!


We appreciate all our supporters and wish you a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

Padres Won’t Wear Them!

March 2, 2012

Quality control is very important and takes a lot of time for the artisan groups to finally understand what level of quality we need in order for their products to be sold in the world market. In the last year we started working with a new group and they are learning to make clergy stoles to our specifications. In the first review of their newly woven Pastor stoles we found the quality was not up to our standards and we explained to them again the need for exceptional quality in their weaving.

Reviewing products with the artisans.

These women mostly speak only Queche and during the translation into Queche,  the translator explained to them the problem with the stoles and to make things a little clearer he said to them: ‘The Padres in the churches won’t wear them because the quality is not the best you can do.’

This they understood and said they would work hard on  new ones to make sure they are much better. Sometimes it takes a simple explanation to make everything become clearer and our Queche translator did just that with his explanation!

These artisans do incredibly beautiful embroidery on their weavings.


We will have the new Clergy stoles available in our webstore in a few months -- when the quality is excellent!


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