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Backstrap Weaving Demonstration For Weaving Tour

May 10, 2011

The members of the weaving tour were treated to a demonstration of using atole or thinned down masa as a strengthener for sedalina yarns.  Sedalina is a mercerized pearl cotton yarn that is very fine and glossy.  It can be woven into beautiful textiles but is more fragile during the weaving process therefore the artisans dip it into thinned down masa, sometimes called atole.

Dipping the warp

After warping the sedalina it is dipped into the thinned down masa

The warp threads are next put on the backstrap loom while still wet

Too hot in the sun so a hat is in order.

The weavers told us that they only warp up sedalina yarns on sunny days because after it is dipped and put on the loom it must have time to dry before being put away.  The sedalina yarns have really bright strong colors with gloss to them that make into gorgeous weavings but because of the extra work involved are not used by many artisan groups. To see some weavings using sedalina see our typical Mayan weavings such as this one.