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Dynamic Little Lady!

June 27, 2014

I would like to introduce you to one of our artisans who is really a little dynamo!  She is a very tiny little lady but is filled with energy and determination.  Vicenta and her husband live in the rural highlands with their 7 children and nearby are many extended family members.

She is a master weaver on the backstrap loom and floor looms — called a foot pedal loom by the artisans — and she has taught her daughters to weave on both looms too.


Vicenta’s family and her whole community are Kakchiquel Mayans and very typical of the wonderfully warm and friendly people we meet in the western highlands of Guatemala.  Many of these rural families don’t understand the importance of education, however, Vicenta and her husband are different in that they are adamant about their children attending school. Thanks to a sponsor in our Education Program their oldest daughter, Laura,  is able to go on to career school to become a bilingual secretary.  It is very difficult for families to afford schooling after grade school and junior high school so we are very appreciative of all our sponsors and the help it brings to the families!


On our recent trip to Guatemala Victor and Vicenta’s home was one of the homes that our mission team repaired with the help of our local friends, Joe and Carlos.  Her kitchen was an adobe structure with a low ceiling, earthquake damage and a stove that did not vent so all the smoke stayed in the kitchen.  Victor and Vicenta decided to remove the old structure and had sufficient money to build new walls and the mission team did the floor, roof, new stove and new electrical wiring.





The family is so happy with their new kitchen. We are really happy to see the progress this family has made through the years because of their hard work and  determination along with the Fair Trade wages they receive from Education And More  for all the products they make.

Vicenta cooking in her new kitchen!

Vicenta cooking in her new kitchen!

If you are interested in traveling to Guatemala on a mission trip to help repair homes or teach VBS be sure to check our website for new 2015 tours that will be listed soon.  We will be working in this village next year and helping several more of the artisan families by repairing their homes.

Some of the handcrafts that Vicenta and her group have made are shown here. See all of our Fair Trade handcrafts in our webstore and in our Etsy store. 

Kitchen Towels

Kitchen Towels


Scarf / Shoulder Wrap

Scarf / Shoulder Wrap


Tablecloth and napkins

Tablecloth and napkins


Beautiful scarves and shawls

Beautiful scarves and shawls



You Don’t Need a Saddle Bag!

May 15, 2012

Is it time to get rid of that huge purse and get a smaller size? We have a really cute purse that is plenty big enough to carry all your essentials and so cute it reminds you of spring and sailing!

Snappy navy blue and white stripes – a perfect purse for spring and summer. This bag has been hand crocheted by artisans in rural Guatemala and gives them a fair income for each hour of work. Education And More, a Christian, Fair Trade organization gives the women a very fair wage, and, in addition to the hourly wage they receive many extra benefits.  The group that make’s these purses, Artesana’s T’zaput, recently received a new sewing center building to have a nice place to do their sewing.

When you buy this purse or any of our hundreds of handcrafts, profits are returned to the women to buy more products and to give more benefits that they have worked for such as: educational opportunities the women to grow their businesses, educational support for their children, better health through the ability to purchase nutritional food and visits to doctors.

Visit our website to purchase this cute purse and help these women and children.

Ribbon Cutting Time

February 13, 2012

When we arrived to see the finished sewing center building at Artesana’s T’zaput we were so surprised  to see they had set up a ribbon cutting ceremony with a crepe paper ribbon.

The group is really thrilled to have this large new building and just wanted to thank us with a very festive viewing of the room.  They had gone early that morning up the mountain to pick some fresh pine needles and scattered them on the floor of the room along with flower petals.  This is a custom in this area whenever there is a special fiesta or party– they might spread the pine needles in the party room or on the dirt ground — wherever the party is being held.

They had even picked fresh flowers and put them in jars to liven up the simple block building! Next came the demonstration of their sewing skills– because they wanted to show what they had learned in their first 3 months of sewing lessons.

We were so pleased to fund this project and with the help of volunteers for the construction it was completed  ahead of schedule.  Now the women will have a large new place to sew and to work on products so they can earn money to help their family.

Soccer Hats and Hacky Sacks

February 1, 2012

Have fun at your next game!  What a a great gift for that fun loving guy or gal!

These cute hand crocheted soccer hats were designed by and crocheted by Artesana’s T’zaput. Augustina and Santos in the artisan group are two of the women that crochet them.



Check them out in our webstore!  You can order them individually or as a set.  When you purchase our Fair Trade handcrafts it helps the women earn a fair wage and extra benefits such as sewing centers, education for their children, better nutrition for their family, sewing lessons, more orders of the handcrafts and so much more.

4 Generations Working Together

January 14, 2012

It is not often you find 4 generations of women still working together in everyday chores but at one of our artisans groups that is indeed what happens frequently.  While the mission team was busy building their new sewing center building the women were busy making delicious lunches, caring for children, etc. One group of women included daughters, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

Big sister carries little sister on her back while mom, grandmother and great-grandmother do the cooking.

Mother and grandmother make tortillas on the wood burning stove.

Grandmother washes her hair in a free moment!

Great grandmother, grandmother and mother make tamalitos for the big lunch.  They all sit on the dirt floor of the kitchen and work away– making approximately 80-90 of the delicious tamalitos. Great grandmother is 94 years old but still very a very vital and active part of the family.

Great grandmother lives about 1/4 mile away with another daughter but walks the dirt path to help out whenever she can.

Grandmother and two of her daughters.  Like women from generations past these women continue sharing their knowledge with the next generation — from cooking, to child rearing to weaving.

We have been working with this artisan group for about 4 years and they are such a warm and giving group of women it is a delight to be able to help them!

Learn more about Artesana’s T’zaput on our website.

Fair Trade Benefits = School Supplies For Students

January 10, 2012

Today was the meeting with our group, Artesana’s T’zaput, to give out school supplies for all the children of the women in the group who are in school.  We had many eager children and smiling moms picking up the book bag of supplies.

The entire group came to the meeting with all the children — all 32 children.  Their school starts in another week and the children are really excited about returning to school.  These children don’t have all the activities available to them that kids in the States have so returning to school is something they look forward to after their vacation break during November and December.

We are accepting donations for the Educational Support Fund to help the children of more artisan groups.