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A Student …… A Future ………… An Education

January 22, 2015

School starts in January for students in Guatemala but we met some children on our recent trip that have never been to school.

Meet Alesia and Alicia — twins who have never yet gone to school.  They would really like to join their friends and attend the little local school near their village.  Their parents do not have sufficient money for the enrollment fees and school supplies.

 Visit our website for more information on sponsorship and then let us know if you can help one or both of these precious girls.




Help Us Help Families in Guatemala!

March 21, 2014

Our program ‘Healthy Homes Healthy Families’ will begin this summer to repair homes of our artisans.  We are raising funds to do all the projects that the families need to have a healthier home for their children. Read more about our projects at our website and then decide if you can help us.

Even a little helps a lot!

  • Corrugated roofing material for one family – $18 for each 10 foot section
  • New wood burning kitchen stove for a family –  $200
  • Cement and materials  for a new floor for a family – $250
  • Wood to repair roof before covering with new roofing material – $130 for one home
  • New chimney for the kitchen stove – $40



We still have a few open spots on our mission team if you are interested in traveling to Guatemala to help with the building projects.


Guate July 045

Guate July 046

misson 017

What Do You Want For Your Birthday?

January 27, 2014

Do you hear that question every year at birthday time?

Or maybe it is —

  • What do you want for Christmas?
  • for your wedding?
  • for your anniversary?


Why not tell your friends and family about the Alternative Gifts available at Education And More!

Tell them about our website and suggest they choose from the ideas listed for your gift.  What an tremendous impact you can make with our unique gifts for single mothers, children, students and families.  Many of our alternative gifts have ongoing sustainability for the family giving them help for months or years to come.


DSC00771Help with the enrollment fees for primary school students.  Do you know that parents must often go to the bank to take out a loan for about $15 so they can enroll their child in school?

Give the gift of vegetable seeds to a single mother or family in the rural area of Guatemala.

Maybe Grandma would like an alternative birthday gift of hens and baby chicks given in her name to a family in the rural areas to help them raise more nutritious food — not only the meat but the eggs and then earn an income from selling extra eggs or chickens.


Need a gift to a friend that loves knitting, crocheting or weaving?  Why not give a gift of yarn to a weaver in Guatemala with our alternative gifts given in your friends name?


When you give an alternative gift it makes a real impact to impoverished people in Guatemala.  Education And More makes it so easy to give a memorable and meaningful gift with all our ideas and choices for all your gift giving at our website.







A Gift For Your Family

November 17, 2013

A friend recently asked me if there was some alternative type Christmas gift from Education And More that she could buy her grandchildren that would help the children that we serve in Guatemala and help teach her grandchildren about the lives of other children.  Here are some of the ideas I gave her and maybe it would help you in your gifting this year.

Educate A Child — Help a child go to school with a sponsorship with Education And More. What a great way to give a gift to 2 people at once-someone on your Christmas list and a child in Guatemala.  You will receive periodic updates about the children along with photos and their grade card each year.


Shoes for Children — Help your children or grandchildren understand that not all children have the basics of life — donate a pair of shoes in their name. We will send a picture of the children that receive the shoes. $20 will buy a really nice pair of shoes for a child and help keep him warm! Education And More serves  artisan groups that live in the mountainous areas of Guatemala so it is really cool at night and downright cold in the rainy season. Go to to donate and note that it is for ‘Shoes For Children’


Basket of Food — We have many families in our artisan groups that are unable to purchase sufficient food for their families and rarely a variety of foods that help the children grow and develop. Won’t you help by donating a Christmas basket of food or even two in your children’s name. Education And More will send you a photo of the family receiving your gift! Donate $25 today at our website and specify ‘Basket of Food for a Family’

Guate July 056

Show your appreciation to your Pastor – A beautiful clergy stole, handwoven on a backstrap loom with meticulous hand embroidery. Our artisan group, Chuchi Weavers, receives much needed income with our orders of these beautiful stoles which helps them  care for their children.


Fund a week of Vacation Bible School  – Help us share the Gospel through VBS to the children in our artisan groups and their communities.  Donate $750 to enable us to provide VBS classes so the children can learn about Jesus.  Recognize a loved one with a gift and receive photos and videos of the children during VBS.

DSC02356Visit our website to learn more about our work!


We appreciate all our supporters and wish you a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

Maria Needs a New Sponsor for School

August 28, 2013

Little 8 year old, Maria Veronica is attending school this year but is not sure she will be able to go next year because her family doesn’t have a lot of money.  Maria had a sponsor for this year but the sponsor was unable to continue and will have to drop her sponsorship of little Maria.


Maria is in the first grade this year and has 2 brothers.  As with most families it is difficult to afford the fees and costs associated with sending their children to school. School supplies are expensive in the Guatemala villages and families don’t have the money to go to the city which is 3+ hours away to buy supplies at cheaper prices.  The families in our sponsorship program are really happy that we have found sponsors for their  children.

Can you help or do you know someone who can help Maria or another of the children go to school?

Check out the Sponsorship page on our website and think about giving a life changing opportunity to a child!

T Maria Veronica

She Wants to Help Abused Women and Children

September 28, 2012

There are many young people in Guatemala who would like to be able to continue their education but never get beyond Junior High or High School because of the cost. Floridalma is one.

We have added her — a wonderful Christian, young lady– to our list of students needing help to go to the University.  She has been out of school for several years and has not been able to go to university because she cares for her ailing father and works whenever she can find a job so she can help pay for their food and other needs.

Her dream is to return to school – the nearby University – and study to become a Clinical Psychologist so that she can help women and children who have been abused as well as other women who need counseling and help.  She is a very intelligent and compassionate person and we feel will be a great candidate to return to school. She speaks Spanish, Kakchiquel,  some Queche, and is learning English!

The University she wants to attend has a program for working adults so they can attend classes on Saturdays and keep their job during the week.  Floridalma cleans homes  for people because that is the only work she can find.

She will be a wonderful asset to her community and especially to the women and children! If you would like to help Floridalma return to school please contact us for the costs per year for a sponsorship.   Perhaps your Bible study group or your women’s group could work together to sponsor her for a year.

Please pray that she will be able to return to school!