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Helping Children Smile

February 17, 2015

Nicolasa’s mother told us she didn’t want to go to school.  She didn’t smile a lot last year when we were visiting at her home.


Then she received a sponsorship and on our last visit to her a few weeks ago there was a tremendous change!  She was laughing and smiling a lot and her report card from school showed that her grades had really improved over last year.

The reason she did not want to go to school in previous years was because her family could not afford to buy school supplies  or nicer clothes and she felt so bad she didn’t want to be around the other children.


Nicolasa’s sponsor sends her a letter every year in a Christmas card and the gift of caring from her sponsor makes  a tremendous difference in Nicolasa’s life.  She knows her sponsor is praying for her and cares about her.

Nicolasa speaks the Mayan language K’iche’ and must learn Spanish at school, the official language of Guatemala.  It is hard for children to learn a new language and still do their school work  and it was much harder for Nicolasa because she didn’t want to go and missed a lot of school in past years.  Her parents were not adamant about her attending school each day but that has changed with the sponsorship.  All parents sign a contract that states:

  1. I agree to help my child attend school each day.
  2. I will send my child to school on time and ready to learn.
  3. I will give a copy of the grade card each year to Education And More.
  4. I will help my child understand how an education is important to their future.

The student must sign a similar contract.  We feel this make a tremendous difference!  The report cards show what a difference it has made in the schoolwork of little Nicolasa.

We have many more students that could use a little help.  It costs just $3.46 a week or $15 a month to give a sponsorship to a student and change their life!

Learn more on our website and then choose a child to help!



What Do You Want For Your Birthday?

January 27, 2014

Do you hear that question every year at birthday time?

Or maybe it is —

  • What do you want for Christmas?
  • for your wedding?
  • for your anniversary?


Why not tell your friends and family about the Alternative Gifts available at Education And More!

Tell them about our website and suggest they choose from the ideas listed for your gift.  What an tremendous impact you can make with our unique gifts for single mothers, children, students and families.  Many of our alternative gifts have ongoing sustainability for the family giving them help for months or years to come.


DSC00771Help with the enrollment fees for primary school students.  Do you know that parents must often go to the bank to take out a loan for about $15 so they can enroll their child in school?

Give the gift of vegetable seeds to a single mother or family in the rural area of Guatemala.

Maybe Grandma would like an alternative birthday gift of hens and baby chicks given in her name to a family in the rural areas to help them raise more nutritious food — not only the meat but the eggs and then earn an income from selling extra eggs or chickens.


Need a gift to a friend that loves knitting, crocheting or weaving?  Why not give a gift of yarn to a weaver in Guatemala with our alternative gifts given in your friends name?


When you give an alternative gift it makes a real impact to impoverished people in Guatemala.  Education And More makes it so easy to give a memorable and meaningful gift with all our ideas and choices for all your gift giving at our website.