What Do You Want For Your Birthday?

Do you hear that question every year at birthday time?

Or maybe it is —

  • What do you want for Christmas?
  • for your wedding?
  • for your anniversary?


Why not tell your friends and family about the Alternative Gifts available at Education And More!

Tell them about our website and suggest they choose from the ideas listed for your gift.  What an tremendous impact you can make with our unique gifts for single mothers, children, students and families.  Many of our alternative gifts have ongoing sustainability for the family giving them help for months or years to come.


DSC00771Help with the enrollment fees for primary school students.  Do you know that parents must often go to the bank to take out a loan for about $15 so they can enroll their child in school?

Give the gift of vegetable seeds to a single mother or family in the rural area of Guatemala.

Maybe Grandma would like an alternative birthday gift of hens and baby chicks given in her name to a family in the rural areas to help them raise more nutritious food — not only the meat but the eggs and then earn an income from selling extra eggs or chickens.


Need a gift to a friend that loves knitting, crocheting or weaving?  Why not give a gift of yarn to a weaver in Guatemala with our alternative gifts given in your friends name?


When you give an alternative gift it makes a real impact to impoverished people in Guatemala.  Education And More makes it so easy to give a memorable and meaningful gift with all our ideas and choices for all your gift giving at our website.







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