Young Lady Needing Sponsorship To Finish School

We have a young lady, the daughter of one of our artisans, who is really in need of a sponsorship to finish her last year of high school and then to be able to go on to the university.  Laura hopes to be able to attend the university but she knows without help she will probably be unable to go on to the university.


Laura and her siblings

She is the oldest in her family of 7 children.  Many parents in the rural areas of Guatemala expect their daughters to forgo advanced education and to stay home and take care of their younger siblings but Laura’s parents want their children, their daughters too, to go as far with their education as possible.

We have had Laura in our program waiting for a sponsorship for over a year so we are making a special request to try to find her a sponsor.  She is a very bright and personable young lady and will do very well if she is able to continue her education.  She knows that a better education  is the only way that she will be able find a job in the future.

For more information please email us at more

You can learn more about our sponsorship program on our website.

Laura, on the right

Laura, on the right


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