I love these towels!!

We recently received a customer comment about our beautiful kitchen towels and would like to share it with you.  Annie C. wrote, “I love these towels and am so glad I ordered them!  The first time I washed and dried them they were all wrinkly when I pulled them from the dryer but after I used them a while and they had been through the washer and dryer a few times  they came out really smooth with very few wrinkles and look great.  They are so soft and absorbent and they remind me of dish towels that my grandma used to use.  I love them and will be ordering some for gifts!  Thanks!”


The towels she is talking about are our kitchen towels made of 100% cotton yarns and handwoven on a foot pedal loom by our artisans. Many all cotton items are wrinkled the first few times they come out of the dryer but just wait — you’re gonna love them!  After a few times thru the washer and dryer the fibers seem to meld together and you have a super absorbent towel with few wrinkles right out of the dryer.  We have had such wonderful comments on them and they continue to be one of  our best sellers.

Check out our beautiful kitchen towels in our webstore!





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