Sharing God’s Love in the Clouds

I recently led a mission team to Guatemala where they had the unusual experience of seeing the clouds envelope us each afternoon.  High in the volcanic mountains of western Guatemala, part of the team presented Vacation Bible School to schoolchildren at a small remote primary school and others of the team helped our local friends pour a concrete playground / school assembly area / soccer field and build a new kitchen stove.



Each afternoon we could see the clouds start to roll in and actually come from lower areas that where we were working.  Often we would have some rain although we were fortunate to have no downpours while we were there.  Our team nicknamed the school “School Above the Clouds”



This small school has 3 classrooms and 2 teachers and also the director who teaches the kindergarteners and preschool.  This year there are approximately 55 children total in the school.  Because the school is so remote it receives very little help from the local or national government.


Be sure to stop by our website and see our dates for mission trips next year.  Although we won’t be working at the ‘School Above the Clouds’  we will have equally exciting and interesting experiences in store for the team that will be working at one of the villages of our artisan groups.




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