Sharing God’s Love Through VBS

We are back in Guatemala for another session of Vacation Bible School with a group of children in a village near Solola, Guatemala.


The children in this group range in age from about 2 years to 14 years and because of space restraints we are unable to separate the group into age categories.  We haven’t had a problem because the older siblings help out their tiny brothers and sisters in the crafts, refreshments and also in coloring the Bible story pages.


We are serving more than just a snack to this group because so many of the children don’t have sufficient food at home.  Today we served ham on a French roll, fresh from the bakery.  This made a nutritious meal for them along with a glass of orange juice.


The directors of E&M feel really blessed to have had the opportunity to share God’s love with so many little ones and their mothers.  This is the 5th time we have presented VBS this year.  We are looking forward to one more trip this year –  the end of September-  to present Vacation Bible School to a small remote school which has about 60 children.

To learn more about our VBS programs and how you can help or perhaps join us on a Mission trip check our our website.






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