Education And …………….. More

Recently a supporter asked why the name  ‘Education And More’   for the organization when we do so much with artisan groups and helping them earn a fair wage– “What has that got to do with education?”

Maybe we don’t often explain the reason for our name, but we are all about education.


We believe education is vitally important to reducing poverty and there are many types of educational opportunities that we offer. Just helping a student with a way to attend school isn’t often enough in a developing country because the students face so many problems outside the classroom.  They lack sufficient food in their daily lives and are often less healthy —  therefore are at a disadvantage in learning.  By focusing our work on helping in many aspects of their lives, the students, their families and communities  can look forward to a better future.

What types of educational help do we offer?

  1. Sponsorship to Public Schools — Primary grades, Junior High grades, High School, Career schools, Technical school, and University
  2. Practical Education — sewing classes;  marketing,  technical , and product design help and education
  3. Christian Education through Bible study, Vacation Bible School presentations, Christian films
  4. Schools — we offer help to small schools by providing the administration and teachers the tools they need: textbooks, computer labs, school supplies for the teachers as well as students, repairs and upgrades to the school building, and more.

What is the ‘And More’ in our name…………..

  1.  help to artisans through a Fair Trade wage.
  2. increased self worth and dignity to the artisans and students because of achievements in their handcraft businesses and in their education
  3. sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  4. building relationships with trust and  friendship
  5. interest free micro-credit loans to help them expand their handcraft businesses
  6. giving cash advances for family emergencies
  7. long term relationships with the students and parents so they know someone cares if they succeed

We would love you to become involved in helping us provide Education ……….And More!

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