How Does A Neck Scarf Help?

  • What can a mother earn in Guatemala?
  • Is she able to care for her children and home and still earn money to help?
  • How can a single mother feed her children?
  • Can a family buy school supplies and send their children to school?

So what do these questions have to do with a neck scarf?


What is a neck scarf worth to these women?  How does a neck scarf help them…………

Every time someone buys a neck scarf from Education And More it gives the weaver —- that mother — an income. What does she earn for her weaving? Our artisans earn approximately 200% above the Guatemalan poverty line for each hour they work on products.

But that is not all —

  • they receive business training to develop their weaving / handcraft businesses
  • advance payment if needed
  • new sewing centers
  • learning new skills such as sewing
  • they receive help for their children to attend school
  • interest free micro-credit loans

These are just a small portion of the extra benefits our artisans have received.  This is all possible because you have bought one of their handcrafts in our online store or hosted a bazaar of their handcrafts at your church.

So how does a neck scarf help?  Let me count the ways…………………………




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