She Wants to Help Abused Women and Children

There are many young people in Guatemala who would like to be able to continue their education but never get beyond Junior High or High School because of the cost. Floridalma is one.

We have added her — a wonderful Christian, young lady– to our list of students needing help to go to the University.  She has been out of school for several years and has not been able to go to university because she cares for her ailing father and works whenever she can find a job so she can help pay for their food and other needs.

Her dream is to return to school – the nearby University – and study to become a Clinical Psychologist so that she can help women and children who have been abused as well as other women who need counseling and help.  She is a very intelligent and compassionate person and we feel will be a great candidate to return to school. She speaks Spanish, Kakchiquel,  some Queche, and is learning English!

The University she wants to attend has a program for working adults so they can attend classes on Saturdays and keep their job during the week.  Floridalma cleans homes  for people because that is the only work she can find.

She will be a wonderful asset to her community and especially to the women and children! If you would like to help Floridalma return to school please contact us for the costs per year for a sponsorship.   Perhaps your Bible study group or your women’s group could work together to sponsor her for a year.

Please pray that she will be able to return to school!


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