Helping Artisans in Their Daily Lives

Most of the artisans we work with live in the rural areas of Guatemala and they all have similar styles of homes.  The homes are really small in comparison to homes in the U.S. and typically have none of the luxuries.

Most homes have the kitchen on the outside of the home because the home consists of just one room– the all in one room– which is used for a bedroom/ living room.

Some homes are made of a clay/mud mixture with a bamboo type of poles to construct the walls. Adobe homes are quite common because the family can make the adobe  bricks themselves and not need to buy them.

This home is made of adobe bricks but was painted white at one time. Many homes are never painted — the adobe is left natural– like the photo below.

Of course some of our artisans simply do not have money for even minor repairs to their houses but Education And More is looking into ways to help all our artisans have better homes, repaired roofs, sanitary outhouses — because with better sanitary living conditions the health of the whole family is improved.

This mother and her children live in dire conditions and need help in so many areas of their lives.  We have helped the mother to earn a fair wage with her weaving so she can support her family , helped with shoes, school supplies and other necessities but we will now be emphasizing on helping  to improve the living conditions by helping with the repair of the homes.

Would you like to go to Guatemala and help??

Be sure to watch for news on our website and in this blog about how we will be helping repair the artisans homes and sharing  the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Vacation Bible School and Adult Bible Study classes.  Mission teams will be forming in the coming months!


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