You Don’t Need a Saddle Bag!

Is it time to get rid of that huge purse and get a smaller size? We have a really cute purse that is plenty big enough to carry all your essentials and so cute it reminds you of spring and sailing!

Snappy navy blue and white stripes – a perfect purse for spring and summer. This bag has been hand crocheted by artisans in rural Guatemala and gives them a fair income for each hour of work. Education And More, a Christian, Fair Trade organization gives the women a very fair wage, and, in addition to the hourly wage they receive many extra benefits.  The group that make’s these purses, Artesana’s T’zaput, recently received a new sewing center building to have a nice place to do their sewing.

When you buy this purse or any of our hundreds of handcrafts, profits are returned to the women to buy more products and to give more benefits that they have worked for such as: educational opportunities the women to grow their businesses, educational support for their children, better health through the ability to purchase nutritional food and visits to doctors.

Visit our website to purchase this cute purse and help these women and children.

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