Dinner Time!

Our artisan groups are so typical of women around the world that I just have to smile about our behavior whenever we gather.  Just like in my home if company stops by we will share our meal and table with our friends.

A delicious lunch of vegetable soup and tamalitos!

Whenever we are working at one of the groups and it is close to lunch time you can be assured of them having a meal ready for you.  We have had huge feasts and sometimes if it is after the typical lunch time or early for lunch they will serve us a bottle of pure water or soda pop and a piece of cake or other snack.

Cooking a huge pot of chicken and vegetables for us!

We visit the groups often and have gotten into the practice of trying to time our visits so they don’t feel obligated to serve a meal because no matter how often I tell them that we don’t want or don’t have time for a meal — it will almost always be waiting for us.

They always made it special by putting down a nice weaving as a tablecloth!

Our artisans friends never sit at the table with us. They serve us and then take their food somewhere else to sit and eat -- a cultural difference.

We have always enjoyed getting to know our artisans better with each visit as we all get better acquainted and  realize that we all have the same basic hopes and desires for the future and for our families and look forward to giving our guests the best of what we have in our homes.

Today one of the chickens was killed for a lunch time feast — a delicious soup along with homemade tortillas and lots of laughter and chatting.  Ahhh!  Friends!

Making tortillas by hand.

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