Padres Won’t Wear Them!

Quality control is very important and takes a lot of time for the artisan groups to finally understand what level of quality we need in order for their products to be sold in the world market. In the last year we started working with a new group and they are learning to make clergy stoles to our specifications. In the first review of their newly woven Pastor stoles we found the quality was not up to our standards and we explained to them again the need for exceptional quality in their weaving.

Reviewing products with the artisans.

These women mostly speak only Queche and during the translation into Queche,  the translator explained to them the problem with the stoles and to make things a little clearer he said to them: ‘The Padres in the churches won’t wear them because the quality is not the best you can do.’

This they understood and said they would work hard on  new ones to make sure they are much better. Sometimes it takes a simple explanation to make everything become clearer and our Queche translator did just that with his explanation!

These artisans do incredibly beautiful embroidery on their weavings.


We will have the new Clergy stoles available in our webstore in a few months -- when the quality is excellent!


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handcrafts in our webstore!


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