Backstrap Loom Carrying Bags

We recently received a shipment of new bags that are perfect for carrying a backstrap loom on your next trip.

Fair Trade Weaving Loom Weekender Bag

These beautiful bags have a wonderful pattern of stripes in the fabric that was  handwoven on backstrap looms and designed by our Mayan artisans in Guatemala. The fabric is a very nice heavyweight, perfect for years of use.

Zippered pockets on each end of the bag

One style has a long zipper that closes the bag and the second style closes by use of ties at one end.

Look at both styles of our loom bags in our webstore.  They are also great for  carrying yoga mats, other craft supplies, carrying knitting needles and yarn or just for an overnight bag.

And did you know we carry 4 sizes of backstrap looms.  These are not fancy machine made looms but are the same looms that Mayan artisans use in Guatemala– handcarved by an artisan that lives high up in the mountains.

Another style of carrying bag or yoga bag

Ties will close the one style of bag.


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