Chat With Education And More

Would you like to know more about E&M and our work in Guatemala?

Would you like to know more about the artisans that we help or about the extra benefits they receive because of Fair Trade? Would you like to know more about their incredible skill at backstrap weaving? Are you interested in what is new this year with the organization or more about the children that we are helping to attend school?

E&M will be hosting live video chats via Google+ called ‘hangouts’. We will be hosting hangouts to talk about Education And More’s work in Guatemala and  hangouts to discuss all aspects of weaving.

There is nothing formal about the hangouts — just drop by and join the conversation.  You will need to be on Google+ and then add Education And More to your circles and you will then get invites to join our hangouts or you can come to our G+ page and see the post to join the hangout.  We would love to visit with you so be sure to drop by for a new minutes!

We will have hangouts each Monday night at 8pm, Central time.  February 6th hangout will be about weaving — how our artisans weave, what looms they use, what questions do you have about their weavings, natural tint yarns, ikat designed yarns — what else can you think of?? Or tell us about your weaving and what looms you use.

Come hangout with Education And More! We look forward to seeing you soon!



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