4 Generations Working Together

It is not often you find 4 generations of women still working together in everyday chores but at one of our artisans groups that is indeed what happens frequently.  While the mission team was busy building their new sewing center building the women were busy making delicious lunches, caring for children, etc. One group of women included daughters, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

Big sister carries little sister on her back while mom, grandmother and great-grandmother do the cooking.

Mother and grandmother make tortillas on the wood burning stove.

Grandmother washes her hair in a free moment!

Great grandmother, grandmother and mother make tamalitos for the big lunch.  They all sit on the dirt floor of the kitchen and work away– making approximately 80-90 of the delicious tamalitos. Great grandmother is 94 years old but still very a very vital and active part of the family.

Great grandmother lives about 1/4 mile away with another daughter but walks the dirt path to help out whenever she can.

Grandmother and two of her daughters.  Like women from generations past these women continue sharing their knowledge with the next generation — from cooking, to child rearing to weaving.

We have been working with this artisan group for about 4 years and they are such a warm and giving group of women it is a delight to be able to help them!

Learn more about Artesana’s T’zaput on our website.

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