Backstrap Looms Come Down the Mountain.

Juan and his wife, Francisca, slowly make their way down the mountain, walking nearly 2 1/2 hours to take their handcarved backstrap looms to a local market.  It is a slow and tedious trek but they make the  long walk twice a week so they can sell their backstrap looms, which gives them money to live on.

With the wooden looms strapped to his back with ropes, Juan carries the looms down the mountain and hopes to sell as many as possible to help earn money for his family. He is a small, slight man but carries about 40 pounds of looms on his back for this long walk.

We met Juan and Francisca about 2 years ago and the looms we purchase from him gives him a fair wage for each hour of labor in making them.  It has made a difference for his wife and himself and their children.

Today was our meeting with Juan and Francisca to talk more about the looms and pick up our order that will be shipped the States. They are a delightful couple and it was then we realized that Juan wasn’t the only one with a load on his back — his wife had their 3 month old baby in a a wrap on her back for the entire distance too.  What a hard-working couple that does all that is possible to help their family.


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