Shoes For Little Feet

One of the expensive needs of the family is shoes for the growing little feet of the children and it is an especially big problem for the families in Guatemala. Simple little shoes in Guatemala cost about $12.00 – $20.00 for children but when you view that in light of  a daily wage of about $7.00 you can then begin to see what a big expense it is for families.

Most of the families of our artisan groups have a very hard time providing good shoes for their children or even buying any shoes other than rubber flip flops. This is the very reason that each child in our sponsorship program receives a new pair of shoes each year at the beginning of a new school year.


This year we are helping all children, of the women artisans in our Artesana T’zaput group, with school supplies so the families can afford to keep their children in school. Many of these children will also receive new shoes and socks because we have been blessed with wonderful donations for our Educational Support Fund.

If you are interested in donating to our Educational Support Fund use the donate link on our website.  Any amount will help us to educate children!!



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