Learning to Sew

The artisans are making progress in their sewing centers and learning to sew not only basic simple sewing but are beginning to learn more difficult aspects of sewing.  As in all areas of learning some people learn faster and the same is true with the ladies taking the sewing classes.  Some have moved on to  sewing simple skirts and purses and others are still mastering the basic.

Therefore there is a need for more classes and they will begin after the first of the year.  They have all had 3 months of classes but are taking a break until in January.

Learning to sew is a skill that will help the women throughout their life — help them to earn an income to help their families.  One of the ladies has already benefited from the classes and availability of the sewing center and has made items for her family and for her home.  She expressed her deep appreciation for the help of Education And More for giving them such a wonderful gift — that of learning to sew– for her and the other ladies.

Education — that is what Education And More is about!!

You can help more women learn to sew by donating $200 for a new sewing machine for the sewing centers.


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