Take The First Right, Then …………….

On a recent trip to Guatemala, Jennifer, one of our Board members met up with me to work with and visit the artisan groups.  One of the new groups we are working with is located about 45 minutes off the main road down a dirt road and Jenny was really enjoyed all the ‘directions’ to finally end up at the little village– turn right at the tienda and now take the next 5 rights, be sure to take the road to the right at the fork in the road, etc.

It is a beautiful area in the Queche department of Guatemala and a lot of peaches and apples are grown here because of the altitude and  cooler weather.

Because  this community is so far removed from any local markets it is difficult for them to be able to sell their weavings.  They do not know how to sew except for a simple hand sewing stitch however they are master weavers on the backstrap loom!

The artisans are weaving new clergy stoles and table cloths for our January order and I am really anxious to get down there to see them and see the new items.

Corn drying in the house.

The women are shy around us because they do not have a lot of visitors to their community but hopefully we will eventually form a lasting relationship just like we have with our other groups. Be sure to watch this blog and our website for new items in January and more about the ladies of Chuchipaca!




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