Tiny But Devoted!

She is tiny but so very determined and devoted to work hard and help her husband provide for their children and keep them in school. Her name is Vicenta and she is the president of one of the artisan groups that we work with in Guatemala.

She weaves on large foot pedal looms, is a master weaver on the backstrap loom and is a tireless promoter of the group  in trying to find places to sell their handcrafts. We were introduced to Vicenta and her group though another organization several years ago and we have formed a wonderful working relationship with them. Even though she is a tiny little woman, a Kakchiquel Mayan lady, she is a  strong woman and can handle the large weaving looms and other equipment as well as coordinate the work of the artisan  group, her family and home.

Vicenta and her husband have 7 children and live in a very simple home — one bedroom and one other room with a separate room for a kitchen.

Her children and all the children in her artisan group are ones that we are fundraising for to help them with their school expenses this year. Please consider  donating $20 to help one of the 32 children in the families of the group.


She is a treasured little lady in her community and we are very pleased to help her and her artisan group earn a fair wage along with many other benefits for all the families.  To learn more visit our webpage about the artisans, Artesanas T’zaput.


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