Praying for Families of Guatemala

Once again a hurricane is due to hit Guatemala and the families of the western mountainous area are bracing for a deluge of rain.  These past weeks have seen lots of rain which brings mudslides and landslides down the volcanic slopes and now another round of rain will be coming.

Rocks and boulders have been ruining the roads in Guatemala

Mission team digging out the mud that buried a home

Education And More helps many families in the Lake Atitlan and Queche areas and they are very vulnerable to landslides caused by the rain.  Hurricanes in this area are devastating not because of the wind but because of the huge amounts of rain.  The storms seem to sit still as they pour out the  rain and the destruction begins.

Because of the recent rains many roads have been destroyed and homes and lives lost.  Many villages are clinging to the sides of the mountains and when the rains drive the mud and boulders down the mountains it destroys all in its path.

San Antonio Palopo situated on the mountain side and lake shore

It is almost impossible to  move to a safer area because many of these families are living on $2-$3 a day and they do not have money to pick up and relocate.   Also in many instances, their families have lived in the communities through the generations and they have no desire to leave.

Terrible destruction and loss of life at this home due to mudslides a year ago.

Please join our hands and pray for the families of Guatemala in this new threat of Hurricane Rina.




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