Spotlight on Juana

Today I would like to tell you more about one of our weavers, Juana, a hard working mother of 8 children.  Juana does outstanding weaving on the backstrap loom and is continually trying to learn new techniques and patterns to weave. She has been weaving since she was about 7 years old.

Juana not only takes care of her family and helps with her extended families but also sells chicken at a booth in the local market every morning.

She is a very warm and caring lady and is always so thankful for all the help that Education And More gives to her and her family through our work with her artisan group.  Her feelings are so tender that she is always crying her thankfulness to us by the end of our meetings which usually gets all in attendance into tears of joy!

Our artisans work in their homes to make products and earn their wages which is a wonderful blessing for them because they can care for their children and their home and work when it is convenient for them.

Pictures below are a few of the designs and types of weaving that Juana has done for us.

Juana is also one of the group of women who still tint much of their yarn with dyes from plants, vegetables, tree bark, etc. They tint a natural cream color yarn into a variety of colors– blue, green, yellows, orange, etc. Check out their yarn in our online store.

It is always a pleasure to visit with Juana and see her new weavings when we are in Guatemala.


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