Dirt Floor Not Uncommon

Our lives are different that theirs.

You may not be able to visualize how they live any more than they can begin to understand your life.

But, part of the work of Education And More is to bring their lives into your minds, into your thoughts and to help you visualize how such a small amount of help can make a tremendous difference. Pictures do this better than a long winded blog so here goes — photos and a little wordiness to accompany them to help you understand and see our women in their everyday lives.

Many of the women still weave all of their clothing and their daughters clothing and all household cloths

Men do much of the work with manual labor.

Do you go to the lake to wash clothes because you don't have running water at home?

No matter what age you still have work to be done and loads to carry

Even if you don't have shoes, you have work to do.

Look at the bed that this lady has in her home- she is sitting on the bed of boards and a reed mat

Some women cook on this type of kitchen stove -- in their house

With no running water it is difficult to stay clean.

Visiting one of our poorest artisans.

We are helping their mama to earn a fair income so they can attend school soon

Chickens range throughout the communities and often into the homes

Cooking 3 meals a day over a wood stove

Their lives are different but yet we are much the same.  Loving and caring for our families.  E&M cares for the artisans and their families just like they are  neighbors to us and we thank you for helping us help them. To see more pictures of our artisans be sure to go to our Flickr Photostream or to our website.


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