Naturally Dyed Cotton Yarn

One of the artisan groups that Education And More works with dyes a lot of their yarn naturally.  The practice of hand dyeing yarn is a tradition handed down through the generations in San Juan La Laguna.

Natural cotton yarn is generally cheaper so the artisans are able to buy the yarn and do weaving for their families by adding color through the process of adding color with plant dyes.

The group recently shipped to Education And More hand-dyed yarn in several colors – muted mustard color, muted celery green and a rich chocolate brown. They are for sale in Education And More’s webstore. We will have more colors in the coming months.

Yarn dyed with plant dyes

Yarn is hung to dry after the dyeing process

Naturally dyed brown color -- shawl










Natural plant dyes were used in this weaving

Dyeing yarn with plant or vegetable dyes produces soft and muted colors as shown in these photos.  To learn more about the colors that some plants produce check out our Backstrap Weaving page on our website.

So if you like to weave and want some unique yarn check out our webstore for the first selections from our artisans in Guatemala.










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