Mujeres Juaneras Delighted With New Sewing Center

Education And More presented another group, Mujeres Juaneras, with a sewing center this past week. They were so delighted to receive new machines and sat down to look over the machines almost immediately.

Mujeres Juaneras Receiving Sewing Machines and Equipment

Mujeres Juaneras Receiving Sewing Machines and Equipment

This artisan group received two sewing machines about 4 years ago and now were wanting treadle machines and an industrial machine which Education And More provided.

Artesanas Mujeres Juaneras wanted treadle sewing machines since many of the group feels more comfortable with them than an electric although this treadle is convertible to both foot power or electric power.  Treadle machines are very common in Guatemala mostly because of  constant power outages and also because not all homes have electricity.

Sewing machines, sewing lessons, sewing supplies, Spanish language sewing books library, tables, chairs, storage shelving comprise the initial set up of the sewing center.  Our sewing center project is an ongoing project which will last approximately 2-4 years so that we can continue to fund more equipment and ongoing, more advanced sewing lessons for each group. There are 10 women that will be taking lessons for 6 hours each week.

Juki Industrial Sewing Machine

Sewing Teacher with one of the Directors of Education And More

The sewing teacher we hired to teach the women how to use the industrial machine and also how to sew more difficult products is a T’zutujil woman and speaks both T’zutujil and Spanish.  This is very important because many of this group only speaks T’zutujil.


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