Artisans Receive New Sewing Center

Education And More is so pleased to present a sewing center to the first artisan group, Artesanas  T’zaput.  They received one new Janome sewing machine last January and now have a full sewing center thanks to generous contributors around the United States.

Artisans receiving new sewing machines and equipement for their new center.

This is the first of three sewing centers that Education And More is presenting and we would like to thank all our generous donors for their contributions to this fund!  Without your help we would not have been able to accomplish so much for these women!

Thank you to:  Trinity Lutheran Church Women’s Groups, Mission, Kansas; Jenny H.  of Washington;  and AUDA, Artisans United for the Development of Atitlan of New Mexico  for their generous contributions and to the many others who have contributed tangible gifts as well as monetary gifts for these centers.

Sewing skills will help women earn money for a lifetime!

Machines and equipment are just a beginning for the women — Education And More will provide sewing teachers for months to come as well as continuing to fund and develop the centers adding additional equipment as needed. This project is expected to take 3-5 years. Artesanas T’zaput would like to have a new room for their sewing center and we hope to make that a reality in the coming year.The cost for the new sewing room will be approximately $3000.

The machines and other equipment was delivered amid a cold pouring rain but that was no problem for these women.  Several of their husbands came to help carry everything from the truck to the center which is about 1/4 mile off the gravel road down through the cornfield.  How they managed to carry such heavy equipment and remain on their feet in the slippery mud is surprising to me, but they managed it with a smile and laughs all the way!

Director, Jenny Peimann talking to the women during the presentation.

Education And More is all about education and we feel the practical education of sewing skills are very important for the women in this group and for the young women in the future who will benefit from the sewing center.


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