Fair Trade Fundraising Opportunities

Help your group make a difference in the world by selling Fair Trade items when they need to raise money for their mission trips, their ball teams or other programs. Education And More has several fund-raising opportunities available at their website.

Fundraisers include:  Hacky Sack balls, ID Badgeholders, Friendship Bracelets, Neck Scarves, Beaded Bracelets.

Hacky Sack FundraiserHand beaded Bracelets Fundraiser

ID- Badgeholders / Necklace

Does your women’s group have a heart for missions? Is your youth groups wanting to raise funds for their programs? Or are you just interested in helping the artisans in Guatemala earn a fair and just living with their handcrafts? These fundraisers will help your group  raise dollars for your programs while at the same time helping artisans in Guatemala earn a fair wage to help them support their families and educate their children.

Simple and easy!  Our Fair Trade handcrafts let customers feel good about their purchases in not only helping the youth group but in helping artisans in Guatemala as well as their families. Go beyond the traditional cookie dough or gift wrap sales and contact us for more information on products available.

Read more at our website or contact us about getting started!

Contact us at–  more info @ educationandmore . org


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2 Responses to “Fair Trade Fundraising Opportunities”

  1. jenny forner Says:

    How do I purchase the soccer hat and balls

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