Queche Artisans Needs Our Help

Chuchipaca is a small community in the Queche area of Guatemala and we are in the beginning stages of talking with this  group of widows that need help to be able to sell their weavings. Their homes are so far out in the countryside that it is difficult for them to make money by selling their weaving  and usually end up selling to a wholesaler/middleman and receive very little for all their work.

They showed me one type of weaving that they takes nearly a week because it is heavily embroidered.  They sell it to the wholesaler and earn about$7.00 but they had to buy the yarn to weave the piece and the embroidery thread too so are left with very little of profit for a week’s work.  However, this is the only way they have to make money so they keep doing it.

Education And More will

It will take quite a bit of time to develop a working relationship with these women because of illiteracy and the language barrier but they really need our help to make fair wages to be able to live and help their families.

When we see women that need our help so badly it is so easy to say yes we will help our neighbors and we will work to give them dignity and hope in the future.  Thank you so much to all our supporters and volunteers for helping us to help women in Guatemala!


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