Sewing Center For Artisans in Guatemala

Education And More has been raising funds for sewing centers for our artisan groups and thanks to some generous donors we are proceeding with preliminary steps to make them a reality. I have visited the artisans groups during this past week to gather more details on their needs and wants in regard to their sewing centers and they all so very appreciative of the help.

Artesanas T’zaput showed me again where they would like to have a sewing center but it will take some repair to make the building usable so we will look into getting it ready for a sewing center.

This group is really looking forward to having a permanent space to be able to learn and do sewing. They are women that work tremendously hard to help earn money for their families and they know learning to sew will help them a lot. They make such beautiful weavings but are limited because they have had no sewing machines to make purses, napkins or other items from their weavings.

Candelaria weaving a special design

The second group we are helping is Red de Mujeres Juaneras and they also have been limited because they, like the first group, are lacking skills and the right sewing machines and tools to be able to learn how to sew correctly. Today I met with this group about their new sewing center and they are really pleased and excited. They have a room all ready that will be used for their sewing center and we are in the process of getting price quotes from a carpenter on the furniture needed such as: tables, chairs, and shelving units.

We have 2 other sewing centers that we are in the beginning stages of planning that will be such a wonderful means of employment for women – with sewing they will have an employable skill and can earn money and still be able to stay home and care for their family. Fair Trade is more than just giving a fair wage — it is additional help and benefits for the groups and their families.  Education and employable skills are very important benefits for the ladies!

Thank you to all our wonderful supporters and volunteers to make this a reality for these women! 


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