Palm Flowers of Easter in Guatemala — Corozos

This is such a unique flower! I first encountered it in Antigua on Holy Thursday being used for many decorations and also sold in street side vender stalls. The corozo is the pod / flower part of the palm tree and most of these sold are from the area of Escuintla, Guatemala in the south. They are very fragrant and are sold available only during the Easter season.

The palm flower pods

Blossoms inside pod

The pods are approximately 3 – 5 feet long and inside are the creamy white blossoms which resemble long feathers. Sometimes the whole pod is decorated with additional flowers into a giant bouquet of flowers and other times the individual strands of flowers are sold and then the tiny petals fall off and they are used for more intricate floral carpets (alfombras)

Flowers surrounding the pod and corozos

Using the corozos in a floral carpet in the street for Holy Week

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