Buy Handcarved Backstrap Weaving Looms

Buy your very own backstrap weaving loom!  Have you thought of trying your hand at weaving with a simple loom like the backstrap loom?  It is a centuries old system of weaving textiles and is used throughout the world from the Americas to Asia.

Backstrap Loom

We have hand made weaving looms for sale on our website store at Education And More.

Watch our videos on You Tube too!

Pieces to a Backstrap Loom

A backstrap loom is a really simple loom — actually just hand carved sticks – but a method of weaving that is used around the world and has been for centuries.  Our Fair Trade artisans all use the backstrap loom even though some use a foot pedal loom also.

Learn more about backstrap weaving on our website.

Education And More has a tour scheduled to Guatemala the first week of May to learn backstrap weaving and to meet the artisans that make our handcrafts.

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2 Responses to “Buy Handcarved Backstrap Weaving Looms”

  1. Janice johnson Says:

    I would like to purchase a backstrap loom, already threaded.
    Width at least 20inches wide. Please reply

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