Meet our artisans!

A most delightful lady, Vicenta, is one of the Kakchiquel artisans we work with in Guatemala.  She has a heart bigger than she is and is continually giving to everyone around her.

Fair Trade Artisan, Vicenta

She lives with her husband and children is a small community where many of the other families are extended family.  They are farmers and the men all work the fields growing corn, black beans, squash and many other vegetables including cauliflower, celery, carrots, beets, herbs and around the house they might have a few peach trees and other fruits. Most of the crops are harvested and stored for use by the family rather than selling them.

Corn growing in fieldsw near Vicenta's home

Vicenta has 6 children from about age 3 to 16.  The four oldest are attending the local school and have to walk about  1 1/2 miles each way to school often with Vicenta walking with them to and from the school.  It is very important for Vicenta and her husband that the children attend school because they realize how important an education is for them.

Artisan Group receiving a grant from Education And More

Vicenta is the president of her artisan group and is a very skilled weaver on a backstrap loom and the foot pedal loom. She works really hard with her daily chores and caring for her family and also with weaving along with her group to earn money to help her family and educate their children.

Weaving a foot pedal loom

Read more about Vicenta and her group on our website.

Saying goodbye after one of our visits!


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